FAQs – answers to you campervan hire questions

Everything you could possibly want to know about hiring a campervan but were too afraid to ask.

Before you go

Can we cancel if government rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean we cannot travel?

Yes. Absolutely.

Considering the ‘new normal’ we are all facing with COVID-19 we’ve adapted our cancellation policy for the remainder of 2021 so you can be sure you can cancel your booking with no penalty if government restrictions mean it is not possible for you to go ahead.

Do you have any Special Offers?


Best thing to do is check our ‘Special Offers‘ page for our long-running deals as well as our excellent prices for last minute availability and filling odd gaps in our booking calendar.

You can also give us a call to see if we have something that you can take advantage of.

Are there any restrictions on who can hire a campervan?


You must be at least 23 years old and have held a valid driving license for 2 years.

Can we take the campervan out of Spain?


Our campervans are insured for the EU, Andorra, Switzerland and Serbia.

If you plan to visit a country not in that group you may still be able to take our campervans there if you have a Green Card. You can check this map to be sure. Blue or orange is good… green is ok as long as you have the card.

If you let us know you need a Green Card we can obtain it for you.

If in doubt, give us a call.

Can we pick-up the campervan in Spain and drop it off in another part of Spain or even another country?


We are located in the Catalonia region of Spain and (for the moment) do not have bases elsewhere so all rentals start and end at our base OR if it’s more convenient for you, we are happy to deliver or collect (or both) the campervan from one of our airport meeting points (Barcelona, Girona, Reus, Lleida).

Are pets allowed?

It depends.

We accept small and medium sized dogs in one of our Weinsberg MQ campervans on the understanding that you will ensure they do not climb on the furniture and are responsible for any damage caused by the dog.

If, afterwards, the campervan requires extra cleaning to remove hairs or smell you will be charged for this out of your deposit at 25€/hour.

Will I need a credit card?


For insurance purposes we must use a credit card (rather than a debit card) to take the 800€ insurance deposit. 

Will I need a an International Driving License (Permit)?

It depends.

If your driving license is from one of the countries on this list you do not need an International Driving License.

If your driving license is not on the list you must be able to produce an International Driving License if stopped by the Spanish police.

Regardless of whether you do or don’t need one, our advice would be to get one anyway. For the small cost it can save you a lot of bother. And if you never actually need to use it… better!

These links may be helpful:


Do the vans have awnings?


From hard-earned experience we believe awnings bring more trouble for you than they are worth.

What do we need to bring with us?

We provide everything you need with the exception of towels. Since a campervan is limited in space it’s not possible to put in everything you may be used to at home but we believe you have the most important items. That means we include bedding, basic kitchen equipment and the various bits and pieces you need for the operation of the campervan such as toilet chemical, an electricity cable, a water hose and gas bottle(s).

To be more precise, the standard inventory for our camper vans is:

Kitchen equipment: Bedding Other equipment

4 plates
4 bowls
4 cups
1 coffee pot (Spanish Cafetera)
1 cutting knife big
1 cutting knife small
1 cutting board
1 scissors
1 cork screw
1 wooden spoon
4 knifes
4 forks
4 spoons
4 tea spoons
1 ladle
1 sieve
2 pots
1 frying pan


duvet cover

base sheet


1 hand brush and shovel
2 stabilizing blocks
1 electricity cable
3 capsules of WC chemical
1 water hose
1 warning triangle
1 yellow jacket
2 bottles of propane gas

Some of the items we do not include, which have caused some disappointment in the past include:

  • Kettle, egg cups, microwave, blender, toaster, BBQ, DVD player, hair-dryer

To conclude, you should bring towels, clothing, food, toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toys and gadgets.

How do we get from Barcelona (airport) to Manresa by public transport?

You can reach Manresa by public transport quite easily. There are 2 routes we’d recommend.

Route 1) If you are travelling from the center of Barcelona catch the ‘R5’ train from Barcelona Plaza España with Manresa as its final destination. There are 2 trains per hour arriving in Manresa approximately 1hr 25mins later.

Route 2) If you are travelling from the Barcelona Airport (El Prat) you should take the L77 bus from outside the terminals to Sant Boi FGC (train station). It’s a 10min journey. You will need ‘exact change’ for your ticket which you buy on the bus itself. A ticket is 2€. From Sant Boi catch the ‘R5’ train with Manresa as its final destination. There are 2 trains per hour arriving in Manresa approximately 1hr 5mins later.

For both routes you can check the latest timetable here: https://www.fgc.cat/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/R5_Manresa_220x450_LA51_octubre_17_web.pdf . A single ticket is approximately 8€.

Within Manresa there are 3 stops but you’d get off at the first one (Manresa Viladordis).

On the road

Is there a USB stereo connection?
Yes. USB stereo connection
Can I plug in my laptop?

Yes, but only if the campervan is connected to a mains electricity supply such as in a campsite but it could be any standard plug. In that case, you can use the plugs in the campervan for your small electrical devices (e.g. laptop, phone, cameras etc.). Larger appliances (e.g. a microwave) would likely blow the fuse at the campsite.

When the campervan is not connected to a mains electricity supply, the plugs will not work so if you want to be able to charge small devices you should request one of our ‘power converters’ at the time of booking. This is a small gadget that plugs into the cigarette lighter at one end and your device at the other and charges off of the campervan’s engine battery.

What are your top tips?
  • don’t drive too far each day (especially with kids)
  • stay away from the narrow streets of old towns and the crazy traffic of big cities (it’s much less stressful to park up and take public transport, cycle or walk into town)
  • if in doubt, make sure the passenger gets out to check (e.g. when reversing, low bridges, road tolls)
  • stop for the night before it gets dark
  • do not sleep in motorway service stations


What happens to our insurance deposit of 800€ after our rental period?

We will check the vehicle for damage not already noted on our damage inspection form as well as any T&C renter responsibilities not complied with such as emptying the toilet and filling the diesel.

If there is anything to be charged we will take only this amount from your 800€ credit card pre-authorisation and the remainder will be unblocked on your account.

If there is nothing to be charged the 800€ will be unblocked on your account. Please note that the amount of time taken to ‘unblock’ is down to the card type used and NOT CalCamper.

IF you see that the expected amount has not been unblocked as expected please let us know so that we can check with our bank to understand why.

We had a great time and want to let people know that CalCamper is awesome. What can we do?

First of all, we’re really pleased and thank you for taking the time to help us out.

So, here’s what you could do:

  1. Tell all your friends because word of mouth is best of all.
  2. Go to our Facebook page and /or Google and give us a review.
  3. Send us some photos from your adventure for us to share on our Facebook page.
  4. Come back and see us again some day (and we’ll show our gratitude for your loyalty)

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