Spain Magazine article about Calcamper

Rent a motorhome in Spain

Motorhome rental with Calcamper is the perfect way to explore Catalonia, Spain and even the rest of Europe.

Campervans, motorhomes, RV's... whatever you want to call them, give you the freedom to explore as you please, travel at your own pace and change your view daily. And that's what makes a motorhome holiday memorable.

If you rent a motorhome for a week you could easily fit in a lazy time at the beach, an excursion into the mountains and some site-seeing in one of Spain's many fantastic cities.

Who are we?

Calcamper is a Scottish guy and a Spanish girl who got married, had kids, started a business and love their life... or, if you prefer, it's a family owned business run from Barcelona in the beautiful Catalonia region of Spain. We do this because we love it and enjoy working on it everyday; we are not a large impersonal operation and we think this is what makes us unique.

rent a motorhome from Craig, Ascen, Mia and Ella.

Our aim is to make motorhome rental easy, fun and accessible to all so that you too can discover the joy of being 100% in control of your holiday and will want to rent a campervan again.

We hope to achieve this by drawing on our own experience of motorhome rental and campervan holidays over the years throughout Spain and all over the world in order to provide the quality of service we, ourselves would expect.

If you want to know more about us and how Calcamper came to be then an article recently published in the UK, in Spain Magazine, should be just the thing.

Why rent from us?

  • friendly

    ... we haven't forgotten that it's about having fun

  • honest

    ... there are no hidden extras

  • specialists

    ... we rent motorhomes and that's all!

  • flexible

    ... we'll do what we can to fit with your plans

  • safe

    ... our motorhomes are serviced every 15000km

  • comfortable

    ... shower, central heating, double beds